Young Pastors face
many obstacles in the
first year of their

They lack the experience
needed to have
realistic expectations.

A lack of resources like
relationships, council
and money inhibits
their growth.

An endless list of
new skills to learn
causes stress
and discouragement.

We Partner With Churches
to Provide…

Engaging Events

Practical Resources

Real Stories



Engaging Events

Events hosted by key leaders where pastors who desire growth can gather, build relationships and mentor one another.

  • We focus on the five key areas of the young pastor.
  • We provide practical advice for starting an thriving in your ministry.
  • We offer a safe environment for mentoring moments.

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Practical Resources

There is no shortage of quick, online content for ministry. We desire to give young pastors a resource for information and an outlet for information and an outlet for life transformation.

  • Pastor guides with real advice you can start using in your ministry today
  • Online curriculum to perfect specific ministry skills through videos, assessments and application guides
  • Expert advice from seasoned pastors and ministry experts
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Real Stories

Case studies of authentic stories from small congregations to megachurches both regional and international.

  • Focused on the 5 key areas of the young pastor
  • Ministry solutions from relatable experiences
  • Holistic perspective from authentic successes and failures
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